Monday, September 24, 2007

NASCAR & Dead Soldiers

Despite recent gasoline shortages throughout pockets of the South and record-high prices at the pumps, it will be business as usual for NASCAR and its gas-guzzling, 850-horsepower stock cars during Sunday Nextel Cup race.

One month after the controversial decision to close Georgia's public schools for two days to conserve fuel, an estimated 125,000 spectators will be on hand at Atlanta Motor Speedway, where nearly 5,000 gallons of racing gasoline will be consumed during a four-hour span.

Add in practice sessions and two other races -- today's NASCAR's Craftsman Truck Series and the International Race of Championships -- and the total weekend fuel consumption will amount to more than 8,000 gallons.

This doesn't even include all the local race tracks, tractor pulls, Monsters Trucks, lawn mower races & many many more gas wasting events. If we are running out of oil (peak oil)like some ppl have said. Why waste so much gas? Also if we are in 2 war don't you think we should be trying to conserve as much oil as possible? How about making NASCAR for electric cars only! If Americans think that changing a light blub is all they have to do to save the world...we are doomed!

How many soldiers died, so ppl can watch cars go around & around

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United We Lay said...

I love my country, but I have some serious problems with the people living in it.