Friday, November 23, 2007

Cats For Impeachment

I agree Mamie


beachblogger said...

meow! love it!
puppies for peace
peace, peter

Psychomikeo said...

Honey bees for peace...maybe that's why they are vanishing.

Human said...

I've never seen someone carrying a sign shaped like that. It's really eye grabbing. Kudos to you.

Psychomikeo said...

Thanx human I'm looking to post it on a billboard with a face on it.

freewayblogger said...

I have a two part question:

1) Do you honestly believe that Bush and/or Cheney will be impeached? Do you think it's greater or lesser than a 50% chance? I assume you realize it's not likely, but what percentage do you feel is a reasonable guess?

2) If Bush and Cheney leave office without being impeached, will you feel like you failed to make a difference?

Psychomikeo said...

Hi Scarlet
I don't think King George II or his Dick will have anything done to them for what they both have done to this country.

As fas as feeling that "I" failed to make a difference. I (& you) have done way more than most of the US sheeple. I voted for the Dems & they have done NOTHING! for us, I marched in DC (24hrs on a bus)I've busted my ass posting signs trying to wake ppl up. But until the US sheeple wake up, we the people don't stand a chance against the BIG biz controled government. I hope that makes sense.

freewayblogger said...

How do you feel about the successes of the surge in Iraq? I feel encouraged because the sooner we are able to secure the country, the sooner we can bring the troops home. The news about the effectiveness of the surge is fantastic.