Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Winter Wonder Land 2.0

This is what my New Year's Day looked like. We got hit with 10 inches + of snow over night.

Again there wasn't any snow on the ground before 10:00pm last night.

Under this snow is about an inch or two of slush... so it's a real pain in the back to shovel
I haven't seen a plow truck yet, I guess it must be their day off.

And they are calling for another 3-4 inches for today!


beachblogger said...

happy new year!

dada said...

Happy New Year psycho! Looking at your weather literally sent chills down my spine!

(Whelp....back to the USC - Illinois Rose Bowl game.)

Psychomikeo said...

Now they are calling for temps in the high 40s A real heat wave

Liberality said...

have a happy new year! all that snow looks beautiful enough.