Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ann Arbor 9-11 Truth

On Anniversary of 911 Many Ann Arborites Doubt Official Story
A group Ann Arbor citizens gathered yesterday at 5:30 pm on the corner of Fifth Avenue and Liberty adjacent to the Federal Building to express their dismay about the lies and cover-ups being perpetuated by our government and media concerning the events of Sept 11, 2001.
Numerous passing drivers on the active corner in the center of town showed solidarity with the protesters by honking and giving thumbs-up as they went by. Hundreds of fliers directing readers to 911Truth websites were handed to curious pedestrians who were very receptive, many expressing their own doubts as well.
A few responded angrily, with one man actually asking the group if they had "forgotten their meds". In our highly medicated and comatose society, "medications" seem to be the remedy for those who are concerned, upset and disillusioned with recent events.
Regardless of the fact that so many dumbing and numbing drugs are foisted on the public-- now, more than ever, the events of the terror attacks are questioned and disputed in every country around the world. No amount of "medication" will make this movement go away.

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