Saturday, December 30, 2006

Window Treatments

Whoever removed this sign threw it over a railing into some woods by where it was posted. So I picked it up & rehung it!!! I rehung this sign too I really like using the window treatments I've been finding in dumpsters lately


beachblogger said...

Dear Mike,

great signs and i like the pictures, they have a live, gritty look.

every time bush opens his mouth is torture to me. the stuff he's said about ford sounds so phony and insincere and stupid.

peace, peter

Psychomikeo said...

It was so foggy that the pics came out strange. Check the dumpsters of window treatment stores. You can make very big banners that are very EZ & fast to hang.

Michael said...

You people are a bunch of traitors!

Psychomikeo said...

Michael; you must listen to Rush alot, as all you have is name calling (& you can call me any name you wish)but I love my country enough to stand up & say that I think WE are wrong, & have been lied to by the worst president ever.Maybe you think WAR&DISASTER PROFITEEING,TORTURE,& ENDLESS WAR are the new american way... but I disagree.