Thursday, February 1, 2007

Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

Knee Jerks

Two men pleaded not guilty Thursday to charges they created panic by placing "bomblike" electronic light boards displaying a cartoon character with an upraised middle finger throughout Boston.
Assistant Attorney General John Grossman called the light boards "bomblike" devices and said that if they had been explosive they could have damaged transportation infrastructure in the city.
Judge Paul K. Leary told Grossman that, according to law, the suspects must intend to create a panic to be charged with placing hoax devices. (Watch a Web video of men placing the light boards on structures around Boston )
It appears the suspects had no such intent, the judge said, but the question should be discussed in a later hearing.


Mary said...

It is working isn't it.

Psychomikeo said...

The "bomblike" electronic light boards look just like a Lite Bright

PTCruiser said...

I've always had an irrational fear of Lite Brite. I'm moving to Boston where at least I know I'll be safe.