Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Bush Budget To Cut Aid To Mich.

Bush budget to cut aid to Mich

WASHINGTON -- President Bush proposed on Monday a $2.9 trillion budget with cuts to social programs that critics say could deepen Michigan's economic and budget crises.
Under the plan, which would cover the 12 months beginning Oct. 1, Michigan would be one of four states to get a cut in funding for Medicaid, the joint state-federal health program for the poor.

Cities in Michigan and other states also would get less money for economic development grants, the state would get less for home heating aid to the poor, and funding for education programs such as special education would shrink.

Bush's plan would eliminate a federal program that helps manufacturers develop new technology and cut another program that provides aid to small manufacturers.

The cuts in domestic programs are part of Bush's drive to increase military spending and make several tax cuts permanent while still balancing the federal budget by 2012. Democrats accused Bush of budget sleight-of-hand, claiming to put the nation on course to a balanced budget but failing to plan for future costs such as the Iraq war and tax law changes.

"The president has proposed things that just are not possible," said Leighton Ku, a health care analyst at the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a liberal think tank

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Let Them Eat Cake

Now King George II has more $$$$ for Iraq


beachblogger said...

Dear Mike,

"Let 'Em Eat Oil!"

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Psychomikeo said...

LOL & should of I have said "more $$$ for Iran"