Monday, March 12, 2007

Halliburton To Move

Halliburton to move headquarters, CEO to Dubai

U.S. oil services firm Halliburton Co. is moving its headquarters and chief executive to Dubai in a move that immediately sparked criticism from some U.S. politicians.

Texas-based Halliburton, which was led by Vice President Dick (Go Fuck Yourself) Cheney from 1995-2000, did not specify what, if any, tax implications the move might entail. It plans to list on a Middle East bourse once it moves to Dubai -- a booming commercial centre in the Gulf. The company said it was making the moves to position itself better to gain contracts in the oil-rich Middle East.

"This is an insult to the U.S. soldiers and taxpayers who paid the tab for their no-bid contracts and endured their overcharges for all these years," said judiciary committee chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Vermont Democrat.

Rep. Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, might hold a hearing on the implications, an aide to Waxman said.
(We need leaders that do more than hold meetings & hearing)

Halliburton has drawn scrutiny from auditors, congressional Democrats and the Justice Department for the quality and pricing of its KBR Inc. unit's work for the U.S. army in Iraq.

What a bunch of GREEDY BASTARDS. They rape the taxpayers & the American government for BILLIONS then cut & run.



Mary said...

It's hard to believe there is so much blatant corruption. Thanks for the link.

beachblogger said...

dear mike,

we call it Operation Iraqi Liberation.

peace, peter