Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday In The Park

Here we are going for a walk in the park (Liz) (Mike)

I went to take some pictures, & when I came back I had to do a double take at the sign this guy was holding. It was the same sign I had given him in Washington DC at the Impeach For Peace march. It had made it's way back to A2. Thank you for putting it to good use.

It seemed like a good turn out even though it was on a holiday.

Here is the march they even blocked off the streets, lots of noise & great signs

The paper ribbon had the names of all the US dead in Iraq...& just keep getting longer & longer


Mary said...

Great slide show. Always encouraging to see people out and protesting. I had hoped to get to the Pentagon march but couldn't. Little bummed about that.

Psychomikeo said...

There's going to be a candle lite march on Monday I'll post some more pics soon!

beachblogger said...

Dear Mike,

great pictures!

peace, peter