Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Who owns you Americans?

George Carlin is the BEST!!!


beachblogger said...

dear mikeo, good vid! i think 41 broke the pattern: he's an owner and a politicians. isn't this called fascism? but you know CHENEY, RUMFIELD and ROVE aren't from that class; REAGAN sold out for peanuts. these three may have become rich but they will always be hired help.
peace, peter

dada said...

Thanks for posting this, mikeo. Where the fuck's the outrage?!

"It's called the 'American Dream' because you gotta be asleep to believe it." Great line.

Every August I get all dreamy eyed and sad. Dreamy eyed imagining if Americans gave a fuckin' shit, they'd march on DC in such numbers, lay siege to it while those assholes aka "our representatives" are out of town on recess. And they wouldn't let back in town after Labor Day.

And sad because to do that, it would take more than the few hundred who are now willing to do that. It would take a nation of people, not sheep. "Baaaaaa!"

Thanks again for the great Carlin YouTube.