Friday, May 4, 2007

5 For Friday

As I was putting this Impeach sign up a cop pulled over someone right on the other side of the fence. I thought I was busted for sure, but I had on my road work's vest & a hard hat so he must of thought I was a roadworker.

These 2 are over Telegraph rd again! Very high traffic ... The last signs I put here stayed up for almost a week. They both say War Is Terror

All these signs have been held at a protest or two!!!


dada said...

Pyschomikeo: I dropped by your blog from your comment on PT Cruiser's. I, too, am a small blogger and some days question the value of what I do.

So, I thought I'd drop by to offer encouragement. Instead, it is I who comes away encouraged! VERY encouraged.

This is a great blog and I'm in awe of your efforts. Keep up the great work. Your blog is excellent documentation of your community's resistance. (And, if anything like me, also a means of maintaining one's mental health in a world that often seems insane!)

BTW, how do you manage to make sooo many great signs??!!

Psychomikeo said...

Thank you so really makes a differents when ppl leave comments. I work alot on plastic & it's a little harder to paint,so when I do get some cardboard, I can paint it in minutes, & it helps that I've been a house painter for over 25 years

peter said...

dear mike,

great pics! i'm trying to get some of the big signs from last week's protest back so i can freeway blog them. got to paint more. i use a big paint brush because i don't like to clean a roller or roller tray. there's something about slapping that brush against the cardboard that i like.

peace, peter

PTCruiser said...

& it helps that I've been a house painter for over 25 years

Too funny. I used to be a painting contractor, as well. It does come in handy, though, doesn't it?