Thursday, May 10, 2007

On Vacation In Iraq

"Our military is stretched to the limit right now and you're seeing the effects in these young soldiers who are having mental health and family problems by the constant stress of being sent back to Iraq," he said. "And the problems are worse for those soldiers who have done two and three deployments."


dada said...

This a fine example of American good will being spread globally. Or else, an example of a pre-frontal assault with a premature pre-frontal lobe caught in the act of displaced aggression, which is probably just bullshit 'cause I sat in the back row of Psych 101 and slept most the time.

Nice video. A little short though. (It was over before my corn finished popping.)

Freewayblogger said...

If I were sent over there, it'd take less than three months before I felt the same way. If anyone, I mean ANYONE involved in starting this bullshit war had seen so much as A SINGLE DAY of combat, maybe things would've gone differently.

This war will go down in history as the first war ever planned entirely by demonstrable cowards.

beachblogger said...

our 'leaders' learned nothing from Vietnam, they didn't learn anything from Mogadishu or Beirut. but now they say "if we leave there will be a blood bath." yeah it could be bad, but how do they know nothing about anything but they know just what will happen if we leave?

planned by cowards, lead by incompetence.

peace, peter

United We Lay said...

My cousin is not doing well. This is a bad and useless war.

Vigilante said...

Shooter wants to do it again!

As acting president Cheney has already manipulated America into an illegal invasion of a country not threatening us. Now - yesterday - still as acting president, he is trying to commit the USA - that's US! - to attacking another country not threatening us! He continues to validate Article III of Kucinich's Impeachment bill H Res. 333! The S.O.B. is a serial war criminal and ought to have been impeached already! Call your Representative today (202) 225-3121 and tell him how Shooter is driving, AND without either license or registration.